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Originally Posted by .fLip. View Post
any issues with the depos? im trying to figure out if i want to go depo or save up adn go OEM.

ive had depo oon other cars and had no issues, but then again, those cars didnt have the electronics these cars do
Only had them on a few days, no problems so far. I actually swapped all of the stock hardware from the stock lights onto the Blacklines though.

Originally Posted by SlickE90 View Post
Have a link for the lights? Ebay deop's looks too dark, this one looks pretty oem.
No link sorry, bought them used off of another member.

Originally Posted by DC_Oldboy View Post
Congrats and yes welcome to the 330 club! Don't debadge it though. Time for a new bumper eh? Lol. =)
Thank you sir. Was thinking about painting the badge black before I decide to take them off or not. As for a new bumper, definitely a mod down the road, not a huge fan of the stock bumper haha.