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Need a wheel brush and cleaner recomendation

I need to here what you guys think is the best wheel cleaner for my BBS wheels. The wheels are 2 piece, with a bare polished lip and powder coated (non clear coated) center. I'm having issues cleaning the brake dust out of the small areas on the wheels due to the centers being a mesh design. What would be the best choice of wheel cleaner that will remove the brake dust and not damage the powder coat and dull the polished lips?

Also on the topic of cleaning wheels, what do you guys recommend for a wheel cleaning brush to get in the small area of my wheels, the main area I struggle with cleaning is the part of the center where the "spokes" come together at the outer part of the centers. The brush needs to be pretty firm and cant be much wider than 5/8". Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance

Here's the wheels I'm working with: