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LCI E90 Coding Setup - Experience Sharing

I feel it is time to give back to the community after finally having success on coding my 2010 E90 LCI (facelift). I ran into some roadblocks because information are scattered all over the place, so here are some very important notes for these newer (relatively speaking) LCI models:

1. Still start with this sticky post 'BMW Coding Success' but use JUST the NCS_DIY.pdf. You can follow exactly the procedure described within once you have downloaded the program tools and the datem files that should actually NOT be extracted from this sticky (more on this below). The programs files and the datem (or data) files in this sticky post are obsolete and are NOT compatible with LCI E90s. I know because I ran into issues using these old versions of tools to code my car. Scary moments indeed.

2. Program tools: Use this link instead to get the 'BMW Coding All in One' for the latest tools and follow the guide in this package to install the tools: IGNORE the daten files in this package as they do NOT work (not the E90 daten files anyway). At the time of this writing, this package seems to contain the latest versions of the tools you will need.

3. Daten files: Use this link to get the daten files. At the time of this working, it seem the v47.1 daten files are the latest:

4. Program tool installation: Just go with the default options and donít do anything extra. Follow the read_me_first.txt instructions found within the package. Forget revtor.pfl (or if you manage to find it anywhere else, just copy that file per instructions. The package does NOT contain revtor.pfl). Skip steps 4 and 5. The daten files provided here are corrupted.

5. Cable Driver: You can use the driver provided but I just used the one that gets automatically installed by Windows (I am using Windows 8). Remember to change latency timer to 1msec and COM port to COM1.

6. Daten file copying:
a. Just use the E89 zip file.
b. you will find 3 directories once you open the zip file for E89: daten, ecu, sgdat.
c. daten goes to C:\NCSEXPER\DATEN\E89
d. ecu goes to C:\EDIABA\ECU
e. sgdat goes to C:\NCSEXPER\sgdat
f. for the daten directory, after copying is done, locate the LADEN.BAT file and run it. I actually run both of the batch files in both the source and destination folders as I was getting a little desperate.

You now should have a working copy of the tools. An additional article that I find very useful to understand the basic concepts is located here, worth a read:

Happy coding everyone!