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Just a Rant on BMW Engineering

So yesterday I just did my (2nd) 100,000 mile tune up at 195,000 miles. Of course this means spark plugs and an engine airfilter. The first time around I thought it was neat that all these precision-fit plastic parts have to come off to get to the plugs, and the airfilter box is so well-built and robust.

This time around, not so crazy about the design. Okay, so I kinda get the big plastic cowling tray (BMW calls it the bottom half of the cabin airfilter housing). It's kind of necessary because the I6 is so long and sits back behind the front axle for weight balance, but was it really necessary to have the battery cable and whatever other cable it is go across the engine and sit in an over-extravagant, fragile clip-on plastic housing. And then there is another cable in another housing that hangs behind that one. I mean couldn't those cables, which have no serviceable maintenance requirement, be routed along the firewall instead? Or better if they need to be over the engine, couldn't the cowling tray just have a nice molded in channel for the cables to sit in and just pop out when necessary? And why couldn't the cowling tray just be bolted in four places rather than just two, with fancy, breakable clips in the back? Itís all just too time consuming to take all that unnecessary shit a part just to change spark plugs.

And why does the right-side cover (opposite the one that covers the master cylinder) have to have the washer supply line clipped to the underside of it?

And the airfilter box, does it really need six screws to hold it together? Most cars have a few clips holding the box together, no tools required.

Okay, rant over. Thanks I feel better now. Car runs fantastic.