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Jb4 G5 Iso dyno and Nos integration

Well guys, here is the story.

first let set the base for my story, the last time at the dyno i was able to achieve 447whp and 503tq numbers of a dyno jet with the following mods

Meth 100%
93 oct gas plus octane booster
cp with hks
terry and a great tuner (kenneth) that created a custom map

nice i thought................. but the bug was still there

soo.................... what about nos...........

well i started to search and talked to kennth and terry, and decided to go for it

i went nuts on my local NOS shop, and got myself a NEW NOS dry kit with a couple of bottles, and installed.

after a **** load of trouble ( none tune related just install issues)

we uploaded the new ISo firmware and made the G5 changes to make it run ISO.

so tuning the new iso G5 is Fun, to bad the Dyno conditions were very bad (very HI humidity and temps close to 100), we manage to make 441 WHP and 487 Tq. Trust me if the temp was a bit better and less humidity we could have easily beat the last dyno sheets.

well for the good part,

we open the Nos bottle, and made a run and BOOM! not the engine, just a blown tire, ok installed a wheel and tire and keep the tuning....

we managed to make 492 WHP and 491 Tq, Say it is not Perfect????

the dyno lines and sexy and linear, the car feels insane and the tranny hold "OK", not perfect, but "OK"

then for the technical stuff , No i did not gave a massive shot just a 0.32 jet, that is not even considered a real NOS shot in the Nos World LOL, but for me its perfect.

i wanted to keep the WHP and TQ both close to 500, and to be honest I could not be happier.

We still can make more WHP, but we decided to keep it extremely safe and fun to drive.

we will head the dyno again soon with a Full bottle of nos and on a less hot day!!!!

Very Happy with the results and car handle all beautiful.

then i decided to try the car on the street.

that was the fun part.

the car rips the $HIT of the tires and feels insane!!!!

the car pulls like a train and to be honest is very fast.

Its not a dyno queen but its fast.

Thanks to Kenneth for all the hard work and constant results

another baby monster in the PR streets,.

Here you go guys the dyno sheet

USED TO HAVE A 385 whp 479 tq N55 335 2011 (AT) AND NOW A 135 M package 2010 (AT) 447whp/504tq