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Do passive crossovers improve imaging?

Right now I have BSW mids and Polk tweeters in my doors of my e90. Driven from a JL amp. I also have a center channel driven from an old analog center channel processor. I add the center capability because the image with just the door speakers was low and I could hear the near side speakers individually.

My door set up only has the capacitors on the tweeters no low pass crossover for the BSW mids, so I assume they are playing as much on the high end as they can.

I have acquired Morel hybrids, Mt23 tweeters and the proper Morel crossovers. Will these door speakers alone improve the image enough to where I can get rid of my home cooked center channel arrangement? i am tentatively planning on running my JL M400 bridged to the doors (200W per side) with my soundstream providing 150W to each of the underseat Kicker ssmb I have in there. Have also considered replacing the center with a CDT upstage kit. I also have an audiocontrol EQL for frequency control for the doors and underseats.

What do you guys think of this path?