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Originally Posted by u170who View Post
Very nice and clean looking! BTW, i noticed you had installed carbon fiber lips. No need to be modest, where'd you get em and how much? BTW, guys, i live in NY, and grew, we have been prone to flooding lately. I'd love to do this mod but would like a way to be able to close it in the winter, any suggestions? @apex: nice mod, i think I'm gonna do it.
Got them at ebay for around a 100 bucks. They are China CF quality. Not too bad. If youre interested in getting a CF spoiler and/or mirror caps, definitely buy BMW. To answer your question about the ram air, in my case, I can disconnect the hose from the air box easily if its raining since it is not glued together. Having said that, its not a good idea to drive through flooded areas even with the stock intake.