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yeah, I still have not sat down and properly programmed my radio presets yet... I'll give you that one (but as a confirmed NPR junkie I *love* having a built in HD radio tuner, something I've never had before)

i also wish that since I actually have the billion-way power seats with memory that the driver's seat would slide back when entering the car to allow easier ingress/egress. I also wish that the telescoping steering wheel would come out from the dash a little farther, the seats would lower toward the floor a little farther, and finally in an uncharacteristic ergonomic misstep, when I do have everything adjusted as is best for me given the adjustments possible, I can't see the turn signal indicators on the IP as they are blocked by the top of the steering wheel, so I have the wheel a hair higher than I would really prefer it.

I'm annoyed that I had to spend the money for a Euro headlight switch to get a rear fog light (although I understand that most US residents don't understand that it's not to be used unless it's actually foggy...) Likewise for a jack, lug wrench, etc. For the price of the car I think the alarm should have been standard, especially considering how few parts came in the box. Likewise for the satellite tuner, and holy crap do the nav updates need to be so expensive, esp. when I can't even import my own POI files (like I do for speed cameras to the Garmin that I use in lesser vehicles...) I also wish that there were space under the trunk floor for a real spare, or at least a compact/collapsable one.

I still love the car. It's so fantastic compared to every other car I've ever owned... the only one that even came close was my old GTI 1.8T and I liked it for pretty much the same reasons - ergonomic near-perfection and a sporty feel. While the GTI was quite luxurious - this was during the time period where VW was really going upmarket and the interiors really felt very BMW-esque - the real deal Bimmer is still better, or maybe it's just the seven year difference between the cars.