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2006 320d Remap

Hi guys, Iv had my 2006 e90 320d for around a month now and really loving it, Came from a 118d 122bhp, And the power delivery and smoothness are amazing, I had the 118d remapped by a local mobile remap guy and it made quite a difference, But thinking of remapping the 320d proper this time with a good reputation remapper with rolling road (Evolve/P-Torque) Its done 87k had new turbo at 84k and new clutch and flywheel at 86k Will this be ok? I understand the remap will take the car to around 200bhp so will be exciting for me as i have never drove a 200bhp car before, I heard people say to do oil changes a bit earlier after remap to help prelong the life of turbo etc... Anyway just looking for peoples views who has had there 320d 163 remapped with around the same milage