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I forgot about the lack of a dipstick, good one.

I don't mind the lack of BT streaming... I actually prefer not having it. I bought a 32 GB USB 3.0 flash drive (pqi makes nice compact ones) loaded all my music on that, no problem - it lives in the console. I tried BT streaming with my Jeep (JVC head unit) and the sound quality is noticeably degraded vs. the flash drives even with the exact same files. Also I can then run e.g. Trapster and still listen to music at the same time - the audio alerts play over the phone's speaker but I can still use the car's built in mike to talk on the phone if someone calls me. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a way to set up my phone to only connect for phone and not media audio (Motorola Photon, the old one, not the Q)

I might be more annoyed if Sprint's service didn't suck so badly that trying to run e.g. Pandora was pointless, but it is. And even in that case, I could run an audio cord into the console.