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My 335i

Having wrestled with an annoying gearbox/throttle issue(which is now so much better after gearbox software update and throttle reset I though I'd post these pics and a few words re my 335i SE.

The car apart from the above annoyance is 100% fault free with a full service history that's all within spec.Its actually a clean car though it does require some minor bodywork at some point to the off side lower rear quarter due to a light scrape and a couple of small dents than I can only go so far with re the DA and my basic skills, plus as it was owned by a woman from new it needs all 4 wheels refurbishing due to a love of all things kerb related []

Cleaning wise its been cleaned a few times nothing OTT due to weather and time but the one thing I have had dine is sort out the scuffs on both front seats which again once done really does make a difference and while on the subject of leather if you've never heard of Dr.Leather put it on your shopping list. Having read a bit about it on DetailingWorld I thought I'd give it a whirl as my seats were rather shiny meaning that they were dirty and have before sale been given the once over with some sort of stuff that I dare say has made the situation no better. In a word the stuffs ace. I have now re-found BMW matt leather look. I got the stuff from Tim at Envy Valeting who also offers great service too.

But on to what I've done so far:

1st Mod... courtesy of Nick NJ1161

And he's right you know makes so much difference. The paddles as you can see are extended Aluminum items and by having this later wheel set up I've managed to do away with the what appears to be a really annoying push/pull set up on the standard wheel which I just didn't enjoy/get on with, which I'm sure others who have the same wheel again may well agree with. Whats wrong with one paddle for downshifting and one for upshifting.... Anyone who's looking to do this mod DO IT. its so much better and is essentially a pure plug & play affair something that I needed a bit of convincing of due to the fact that my cars a 2006 model and things do change as the model evolves. Pleased to say that within 15 minutes my fears were banished and I was flicking up'n'down the gears like old Lewis

2nd Mod

Well it had to be done bought these before I got the car and they do make a difference.

3rd Mod

Removed the Bridgestone Run Flats as I said I would from day one and have replaced them with Conti Sport Contact 5's all round which are an excellent tyre. I had wanted to look at other brands but wanted a matching set all round and didn't realise just how difficult it can be to get the same brand/tread pattern for the fronts and rears. In the end once again I run a car with Conti's which so far as usual have been impeccable in their behavior with all the reported issues re run flats banished and now I have a car that is quieter on the run better over pot holes/speed humps(which I approach at a crawl) and over different surfaces its general road manors are much improved. The only thing I need to sort out with puncture prevention. Choice here is that at the moment I've got an old Mini kit in the boot with inflater just in case but I'm seriously looking at getting this done which I've seen demonstrated at work and it does the very job that its menat to and this was done before my very eyes.

Mods for the future.......

A summer set of wheels may be on the cards may stick to another set of 19's for appearance/ride comfort but I have seen the odd E92 on 20's but for me I think looks v comfort these may be too much of a compromise. GOtta say I do like Nicks BBS's.

May look to change the standard Angel Eye bulbs with the brighter white items.

A re map will be on the cards...... I can so I understand get this done at work via AutoLogic, but Simon from EMaps will probably getting a call from me for the obvious reasons(good product top notch service etc)

I want to at some point replace the Ali interior trim with some Piano Black or Black Metal Trim. The Silver does brighten the interior up but I do like the darker options so I'll keep my eyes skinned for some trim or I'll end up buying new I guess

Body Styling. I've got a Genuine Sport Bumper at work if I want it... just needs painting a set of fogs and grills and fitting plus I may look to do the same re the rear bumper too along with either Sport or different side skirts... I have seen "stick" on CSL rear spoilers for the E92 and like my old 330d I may look to once again take this on and mold it on to the standard boot lid like last time so that it looks factory rather than buy a carbon or plastic boot lid due to fit and finish as I want to once again make sure it looks like BMW made the item from scratch.

A small Audio ?Upgrade. I'm looking to get the IPod Adapter on my car so that I have the facility to control the thing via IDrive rather than using the AUX socket that I have, which at least enables me to listen to my music. The other upgrade I'd like to do is perhaps a better set of speakers and amplification improvements....

But its all in the future... Thanks for reading.