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Originally Posted by passing View Post
i didn't mean it like that but i would rather have something a little better than tits and grits on thanksgiving.

unless its a thanksgiving buffet....
funny story, one of the most memorable thanksgivings ever: 8th grade in vegas. circus circus was PACKED. the parents were too busy gambling, so me and 3 friends had thanksgiving dinner at mcdonald's (eating on the steps, restaurant was full). i had a big mac combo. and then we proceeded to kick ass in wrestlefest and street fighter.

thanksgiving '97: first time ever being completely wasted. was back in town from college. buddy threw a house party. i decided it was time to drink (finally). worked up a good buzz, unfortunately no more alcohol. so i started icing off random drinks around the house. passed out a little later on the carpet. had to barf, was thinking nobody would notice, so i spilled it right there and rolled over. a few seconds later i hear yelling and scrambling. woke up face in the sink.

another one: 2000, straight out of college, i was working in tampa. had a bunch of brits on the team and they all stayed. so we drove out to miami and the keys and played all weekend (went to at least 1 nudie bar). i think i ate at denny's that year. stayed at a youth hostel at the keys, that wasn't too great.

some of the other years, i was alone ('05 to '10 or so). usually drank all day and fired up a porterhouse.

the turkey-on-a-big-table gets old after about 15 times (most of those have been forgotten)

cliffs: lighten up dude, it's just a 4-day weekend

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