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Originally Posted by Sick335 View Post
Sikh, you are saying not to use the a,b,c strategy, yet in the same post mentioning wedge vs terry run, which was badly botched use my run with wedge as an example instead, it was a pretty clean run... Terry vs e63 was also a clean run, and me vs e63 have had multiple clean runs. Which leads me to believe that terry would put bus length on wedge in a clean run. Again, can't stress enough that IT DOESN'T MATTER WHOSE CAR IS FASTER, WE DO THIS FOR FUN AND SHOULD SHOW MUTUAL RESPECT! Everybody was very cool at the event, so i dont understand why some guys are getting keyboard happy as soon as they're out of sight... Dont worry, be happy

I like your attitude.

Side note, are both your hood and trunk cf? How much weight does it save?

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