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Originally Posted by starrfyr View Post
That is a beautiful auto. I'm a bit confused though, you did say 328i with an M package? If you did, and forgive me if I'm wrong, doesn't the 2011 328i still have the NA 3.0l I6 that only makes 240HP? So, and pardon my ignorance, what's the point of an M package? I mean if it's appearance, great, because the car looks fantastic.
The "M" Sport Package adds some appearance items to the regular Sport Package. iIRC, seats and suspension remain the same in both Sport versions. And neither one affects the NA 3.0 I-6 motor which develops 230, not 240 hp. (It was avilable on the 5 series for one or two years with 240 hp, but only with the 8 speed Steptronic.)