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From his post Terry said he turned down the boost to only 18psi on his second run with Wedge and he still walked away easily from the video. Terry makes 520rw at full boost but at 18psi only 475rw. Wedge makes 450rw. So the results make sense. This is the video of that run. Terry doesn't even start until a few cars after the cones as he is waiting for Wedge to catch up.

Now what doesn't make sense to me is that Shiv with 800rw is only 2-3 cars ahead of Longboarder, and that Longboarder beat CaptainInsano with 700rw. Both are two well running manual transmission cars. None of the automatic problems with those? Yet Longboarder lost to the tuned E63 and barely beat the two other RB cars there by maybe 1-2 cars at most. So forgetting about the automatics that make less HP and were having problems even the high HP single turbo cars seemed not much faster than the RB cars making 100-200hp less on the dyno.

Regardless I hope you get the trans problems figured out and I'm looking forward to seeing how single turbo automatics run at the track!

Dude it's completely random. I didn't burn out first and got wheelspin, and he jumped the line. The outcome of each race was determined by a number of variables, including who was on the inside track, if someone mis-shifts, etc. I wouldn't look too much into it. Also, I don't have 700whp lol. Yet.
+1 if you were not at the event, there are a number of variables that you might not know about that came into play, the Inside lane was a huge b*tch trying to get traction in, and the whole taking the turn and matching speeds is what messed most people up during the day.

We need another event!!

thanks to MGallop