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notre dame vs bama/georgia would make for an awesome bcs championship!

early in the season i bet on usc, that's $20 i'll never see again. though i'm still a fan since usc is the closest school from me with a real team. things are not looking good for barkley, busted up season and busted up arm. he should have gone to the draft when he had the shot. anyone see those giant eye circles on him? he's too young for that.

i went to cal, so by default that's my team. they haven't had a decent shot for anything in years, so it's easy to bandwagon with someone else

edit: bcs rankings updated... nd and bama are 1-2. barkley's out so it should be an nd win. bama has a decent lead over georgia so if they hold it should be an nd/bama championship game

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