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Originally Posted by Ross335i View Post
Nice looking car Steve! I've recently bought an E92 335i M Sport having come from an E46 M3, and I'm really pleased with it!
What was the gearbox issue you had which was mentioned at the start of your post? Is this something I should look out for on mine too??
i found that at low speed the gear changes were jerky/snatchy with an annoying delay on/off throttle to boot.

I had a gearbox software update carried out not long after I bought the car but it made just a small difference. Having posted the issue up on here and BMWLand a couple of posts came back re resetting the adaptations and his really has made a real difference.

Compared with an E46 these E9X models are a lot more modern, driving an E46 now I do feel like its still a good car but to me it feels like its in he past I had a re mapped 330d but have driven a good few M3's and although quick you really have to wring heir necks to get the bet out of them while the 335i is so much more usable in modern day situations.