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Originally Posted by Dmacc View Post
+1 if you were not at the event, there are a number of variables that you might not know about that came into play, the Inside lane was a huge b*tch trying to get traction in, and the whole taking the turn and matching speeds is what messed most people up during the day.

We need another event!!
Agree! When's the next event?

For all the guys who weren't at the event you should know that the right lane was the slow lane on Saturday by late afternoon. A car spun out just after the starting cones and threw a bunch of dust and sand in the lane. After the spinout I could see when a car lost traction and spun it's tires since there would be a faint cloud of tan dust kicked up behind the car. Racing kept going until sundown on Sat, and the track cooled off. During the day it was around 65*, by the end of the day it was around 45* and nearly everyone was spinning their tires.

It was a great weekend of racing, it just wasn't perfect for making comparisons. Hopefully my car will be up and running for the next event.