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Water on Battery, won't start! Please help

Alright so it rained pretty heavily in California last night, at least in the area i'm at. I went to park at a shop while it rained and went to get some grub. When I came back, my car would not start at all. I'd press on the brake, press the Start/Stop button and nothing. Nothing clicks, etc. However the car's interior lights still power on, radio, etc. But when I try to start the car. All of the accessory electricals turn off like the aforementioned lights and radio. Being that there were no errors on the dashboard cluster, I immediately thought of the battery.

I opened the trunk, removed the sidewall thing that covers the battery and there it was -- a small leak had allowed some of the rain water to touch the battery and a few leads. I called up a friend, went to pick up a battery and replaced it. The car started fine and I went home. I woke up this morning and AGAIN the battery is flat/non-reactive to starting up.

Has anyone gotten any experience with this aside from "TAKE IT TO THE MECHANIC" which I don't want to throw in the towel yet.