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Well, I gotta admit, it's definitely LOUDER than I had anticipated......I'd say it's the third loudest after Eisenmann Race and HPF, but costs significantly less as well.

There's definitely rasp and I have RR catless DPs with the Vanguard V2s. I've had mine for about a year or so, so it's definitely broken in. I just can't justify spending more than $1200 on a set of pipes, so I went with Vanguard. The main point was to mod the car to a true stage 3 versus just the axle back exhausts.

Over all, I think it's good for the price and what it is....The drone is there, but if you cruised at 300-400 rpms higher, the drone is minimal. It's only bad if you cruise in 4th gear doing 30 mph for example.....But nobody should do that right? ;-)

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