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Originally Posted by starrfyr
Originally Posted by STooK
Some scumbags got me tonight after I parked my car in LIC in Queens, NY. Was about to get in my car and noticed something was off then realized what happened. Never had this happen before but I have heard of a case or two, just never thought it would happen to me.

I immediately started searching when I got home on and are my eyes playing tricks on me or are these really $300 a pop? My question is:

1. If I get the non-auto dimming mirrors, would they still fit and work the same but just won't dim?
2. Are the auto dimming mirrors the only one that's heated too? Or are the non-dimming ones also heated?

I have tints and the auto dimming just makes everything too dark anyway so I wouldn't mind getting the non-auto dimming. Plus it's about 4x cheaper to replace, and I don't want to replace it with the auto dimming ones only to get stolen again. And is the install as easy as just connecting the wire and pushing the mirror in place? Thanks for the help everyone.
Who in the Hell steals mirrors? I've heard NYC is rough but do you need mirrors to look behind you at all times? I'm picturing two guys walking down the street, one with the driver's side mirror and the other with the passenger's side, both of them occasionally glancing into them making sure they don't get mugged.

Tell me it's not that bad there.
Big money on the resell homie. Dolla dolla bill y'aaaaaaalllllllll!