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Originally Posted by stratplaya06 View Post
All e9x 3 series/e6x 5 series share the same ATC 300 transfer case

MI6 - My car is at s2 dynamics in rockville.

In response to transfer case reliability: I have had my car with FBO+Meth at the skidpad at summit about 5 times (it really didn't like this) and I am in general very hard on the drivetrain so I'm not surprised the tcase went. I also ran staggered setup (235/35 275/30) for one season although it is hardly a stagger as the tires are the same diameter down to .1". I also had 275 supersports all around for two seasons which I believe may have been a bit too much grip for these power levels (given the parts were designed for 225 tires with no more than 300hp). I think it's worth mentioning that I changed the fluid at 45k when some drivetrain binding started to come about. I would recommend changing it every 30k to be on the safe side, as I think that once the friction modifiers in the fluid start to break down the fluid goes south quick.
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