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Originally Posted by Dave W. View Post
Hold on. What are the mods on each car?
Is it a stock car with just a Procede and Meth vs. FBO with no tune?
That sounds like a close race to me.
What if I started a thread and asked, 'Which mods work best? A tune with meth and all stock parts, or go FBO with no tune? Which is faster?'
I know, I know, the first answer would be 'Do A Search!!!11!11" lol
Well Dave, easy answer. I'm FBO and put down 270 whp and 290 wtq without tune or meth. With tune and meth 440 whp and 503 wtq. There is NO WAY a car without a tune would be able to keep up with me. Even a 430 hp M3 didn't stand a chance. You also need to keep into perspective just because a tuned car is faster, you can't judge performance just by looking at the video's. I pulled so hard on a CLK500 that you couldn't hardly see him in the video when I finished. I would use that as a comparison between a stock 335 and a well tuned FBO 335 with stock turbo's. Now, when you talk upgraded turbo's, whole different game.