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Originally Posted by Dave W. View Post
Hold on. What are the mods on each car?
Is it a stock car with just a Procede and Meth vs. FBO with no tune?
That sounds like a close race to me.
What if I started a thread and asked, 'Which mods work best? A tune with meth and all stock parts, or go FBO with no tune? Which is faster?'
I know, I know, the first answer would be 'Do A Search!!!11!11" lol
Lol you guys crack me up. The gray car is a FBO A/T. It is running a tune. It's called OE Tuning. I honestly had never heard of it until the guy told me. I looked it up and it's real. So yes this guy was putting down some regular FBO with tune power but he didn't know how much whp.

My car is just Vishnu Procede, Procede flash, PWM meth kit and intake.
I am a 6-speed m/t 4 door.

I hope you guys now see why this video is a good race. My car with no bolt ons, virtually bone stock with just tune and meth was able to pull pretty hard on a FBO car with A/T.

I have literally invested only around 2 grand into my car and I'm there at the airstrip hanging with some fast cars all day having a blast. You guys should try sometime.

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