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Originally Posted by LittleBlue View Post
Hello, I have a 2006 325i sedan that I just had the water pump, therm and flush done at the dealer, needless to say it wasn't cheap. To my surprise, when I got home I noticed on my invoice that the water pump is a 'remaufactured' part. I have also read somewhere on here I can't find now where, but read that BMW redesigned the pumps a couple of times since the intitial part put on the car due to the fact that they are prone to going out at any time. Does anyone know if the remanufactured part would have the redesigned ( better ) parts in it, or did I just get shafted ? does anyone have the orginial part number and the successors? I am really puzzled as to why a BMW dealer ship would install a remanufactured part vs new! Please help before I go back to them and cause a scene.
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I ordered the water pump t stat and bolts special for $475 from Tischer. When I received the parts, it all looked new. I checked the parts invoice after I installed the pump and it said remanufactured. Tishcher listed the part number for the pump as 11517586925. I'm also hoping that whoever remanufactured the pump, knows what pump part to upgrade to make it more reliable than the original pump.