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Good meeting some of you guys at FIXXFEST this year. I was able to take a spin in JMARS single setup after he got it up and moving. His car pulled as hard as any 335i I've ever been in and he was only hitting around 20 PSI. Once these guys get the kinks worked out they are going to be legit!

I ran my car for the first time ever on the strip. I ran 5 times with my best time being my first. The slip looked like this:

R/T: .635
60': 2.242
330: 5.657
1/8: 8.398
MPH: 91.62
1000: 10.745
1/4: 12.708
MPH: 114.51

My highest trap of the day was my last run at 115.06. I was very pleased with the consistency of the Cobb tune. 1/4 mile times ranged from 12.708 to 12.904 and traps ranged from 113.62 to 115.06.

Mods are DCI, ETS 5" FMIC, AR DP's, and Dinan axle back exhaust. Tune was Cobb race gas map running VPR MS109 on stock turbos and full weight on street tires.

I was supposed to get protuned by PTF this past week but they looked at my logs and said my LPFP needed replaced. After my first run, I got a 2A2D code which I found to be a low pressure fuel code. I will be replacing the LPFP and getting protuned by PTF over the next couple of weeks and hitting the strip again.

In all honesty, I expected to be in the low 12's but I obviously need to launch better to have a shot at that. I'm assuming the LPFP issue isn't helping times either.