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Originally Posted by Insider View Post
The 335i makes 300hp with 8.5 psi boost. The 335D needs 26psi to make 286hp. In order to get 26psi, you need a big turbo. That's why it is setup different. Simply put, diesel engines simply don't make the power of gas engines, expecially in the high rpm area, that's why they need so much boost.

diesel engines dont make as much power in the "high rpm area" because they DONT HAVE a high rpm area, it makes the same amount of HP at freaking 4k rpms! if it could rev to 7k, jesus christ the thing would be twice the power of the 335

and if you think diesels cant develop the same power as gas engines, try having a conversation with these guys, they will teach you a thing or two

but yea, turbo diesels do need a ton of psi