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Originally Posted by N8N
Hmmm, I was leaning towards the 245 PSS's already, so you're really just kind of validating my choices. However, I didn't really know what the "hot" wheels were, sounds like everyone is saying whether I go 17 or 18 that I should primarily be looking at ARC-8s and F14s.

What would be the advantages of the staggered setup? I really don't see the upside, honestly, other than built-in understeer for those who didn't grow up driving RWD pickup trucks in snow
Correct; understeer. In other words, high-speed stability.

I didn't think it would be THAT important, until I tried putting my 189s reverse-staggered. It was hard to keep the car in the middle of the lane at merely normal highway speeds, to say the least. Try that yourself if you can w/ your 230s.

And also for our cars, slight stagger MAY provide faster lap times, but we'd be talking about splitting hairs here.

But overall I agree; square seems to be the generally preferred choice for many other reasons.