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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Hey man, checked out your ride on the rack at HPF yesterday. Looks sick. If you're coming to Portland when you get back, let me know. I'll drive over to visit when you pick your car up.

Thanks for checking out my car man! I only get pictures. The red wheels are going away though. I am also getting the car repainted, with no CF showing but maybe the vents.

Also, I moved to Kansas last winter so I wont be around when she is done, sorry. HPF will send the car when i return back to the states next summer. That also means HPF will have the next 6-7 months of straight tuning and further development before its handed over to me. Which I like.

I think the twin scroll is going to make a major power curve and run very well. It will also be running port injection with direct injection completely shut off. But I don’t think all of the cars will be the same.

However, ill be more than happy to come out to any events in Kansas? Anyone? Lol.