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Originally Posted by Jonny954 View Post
Hi guys...

I had been running the v301 maps (stage 2 aggressive) since I bought my cobb a few months ago, no problems whatsoever.
When v401 maps were released I of course upgraded and ran those. Within a few minutes I was getting misfires, for the first time.
So I went back to v301, same thing but less. Stock map was fine.
Changed the 1 coil (cyl 1) and have been running v301 for the last 3 months again without issues.
The other day I thought I'll give v401 another try and the same thing! (cyl 6)
Can s.o. please elaborate why v401 is making my misfires appear...?

I'm at 54k, downpipes, dci, PE exhaust...

Hi Jonny,

I had the same issue, my car and the OTS V4 ST maps don't agree with each other. V3 where ok and the Beta V4 where ok but once I re did the OTS V4 i had different issues on drive and sport map S1. Jerking like it wanted to misfire, strange gear shifts ect. Since changing to LT S1 sport no issues at all. run a pedal box as well when i need responsive throttle and i have clean pulls all the way to 7k where I used to get hesitations at 4k on each gear.