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Originally Posted by teaston View Post
I'm pretty sure the AE's dim when you turn the headlights on so they don't dazzle on coming vehicles at night. The same as they dim when you use the turn signal, so the AE's don't stop people from seeing the turn signal.

It's probably best to leave this feature on.
These LED AEs I have probably wont ever be bright enough to dazzle anyone. I can barely see them during the day sometimes even when it is at full power.

There are 2 threads that show how this is done, but both require 'nettodat' coding which I know nothing about...:

Just wanted to see if anyone has had success on nettodat coding to avoid dimming of the lights, and what voltage to apply?

My AE has an advertised power rating of 20W, and hopefully if this is the case, and given W=VI, do I need to measure the current somehow before I determine the best voltage to use?

Confused... any help appreciated!