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Finally made it to the promised land!

It has been a couple years, and a couple deployments, in the making, but I finally made it down to LTMW. I was able to get in on the walnut shell blasting group buy and the guys at LTMW were able to coordinate coming down for that service and a few other things.
After making the 3-hour drive down I was greeted by Phil and he gave me the plan for the day.

The rental car showed up shortly thereafter and was super convenient as the office is just down the street from LTMW. I decided to come back and watch some of the "action" before I headed out for some sight-seeing. In that short time, they already had the front bumper off, the new wheels on

and had started the CDV delete

Next was pulling apart the motor for the AR Design OCC and then the Walnut Shell Blasting

It ended up taking the whole day - I'm sure my "Hey guys, what about this?" type comments didn't help - but it was definitely worth it. I think the Mtech front really improved the looks of the car and the new wheels capped off the clean look I was going for. I'm running Cades Apollo (Silver) 19's (19x8.5 and 19x9.5) with Hankook Ventus V12 235/35 and 275/30 in the rear to avoid the stretched look (not hating, just not my cup of tea). There is some rubbing when I have a couple hundred pounds of tires and other parts in the back, but otherwise its okay. Probably not looking to lower the car any further (at least without a fender roll) since this is my DD.
Special thanks to:
Long, Phil, Melissa and the rest of the gang at LTMW - a class act!
Michael at for getting me the Cades Apollo in such a short time frame
Kyle at TireRack
Duy at Bavarian Exclusive for the good deal on TPMS
European Auto Source for the smoked side markers
Panacos81 for sharing his wheel details
The Infamous for the photoshop that sealed the deal on the wheels

All finished...for now

All the lights are a pretty close match now

Probably what everyone wants to see

You can see how nicely the OCC sits in the engine bay...almost looks OEM.

Not too much more planned for the car, at least for a while. The cool thing is that when you spend at $hitLoad of $$ at LTMW, you might have to deal with some bitching from the Mrs., but at least you get a clean looking ride, and a free T-shirt!

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