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What would you do?

Basically I got a NIP for doing 83mph on an almost empty 3 lane motorway the other sunday afternoon. I'm not condoning speeding but this case may not be the crime of the century. I diddn't even see the camera so I wasn't speeding excessivley and braked suddenly to that speed either. Just happily cruising along with the traffic. I have the choice of 60 fine and 3 points or a driver awareness course which costs 95 and takes 4hrs.

I have a clean licence, I'm 31 and have 7 yrs no claims. Should I take the points or go on the course?

Do you have to declare for insurance that you have been on one of the courses? This sees to have caused a split of opinion elsewhere on the net but perhaps one of our resident law enforcers can shed some light on it. If so I bet it would affect your premium the same as points anyway.

Any advice? I'm leaning towards the course if you don't have to disclose and points if you do.
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