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Ordering a 335is today. Wheel question.

So I'm planning to order a 335is. Space gray on black interior. Additional CF performance rear deck lid spoiler. I'm very torn on the wheels. I'm certain I need snow tires. In this part of Michigan winter is probably mostly 20-40 degrees, freezing rain, some snow, probably rare to have a huge snowfall.

I'm torn between

1: taking the stock 18" 313 style wheels, slapping winter tires on them, using them Dec-March, and then getting 19" BBS CH-R possibly in black with performance summer tires and using them the other 8 months.

2: taking the option 19" 313 style wheels with performance tires and using them 8 months out of the year, and picking up 18" BBS CH's or used GT4 RE's and putting snow tires on them to use as winter wheels 4 months out of the year.

Which plan is better? Which wheel is better looking in 18 vs 19? Which wheel is more suited aesthetically for winter? What should I do?

And that being said if I go with say Blizzak LM60 RFT w/ sensors what size would be recommended for the standard 18" 313 or the BBS in the same 18" size and offset. I know they're 18x8 in front and 18.5 in rear and come from factory with performance tires sized 225/40 in front and 255/35 run flat in rear.

Your feedback is appreciated.

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