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PE and grilles fitted :)

(must be the week for cabrio owners to do a few mods' .. here's a similar post to SA320's)

Got the BMW Performance Exhaust fitted, black grilles installed, got a new radio (LCD screen broken on the old one) and the car coded by BMW to stop those nasty fekers stealing it with cloned keys...

So ... the verdict ..

BMW performance exhaust ... honestly, my fuel bill is going to suffer big time! Looks well, bigger than the stock, and does sound great on the 330i, nice (but not that different) at idle, but comes alive when you give it the message... hard acceleration is rewarded with a fantastic rip. Roof up, honestly wasn't that impressed at first and was driving back from the dealers a bit confused; weather did suck and traffic bad, so didn't really get to hear it. Saturday - top down and big old smile... even managed to upset a couple of cyclists (sorry about that) vroomming past them... noise definitely turns heads, but not in a boy racer way.

BMW Performance Black Grilles ... now, I'm the first to admit I'm pretty handless when it comes to any mechanical work - but this looked easy and was .. until I had to get the 4 torx screws back in (in diagram below). the wee buggers kept turning and after a bit of help realised they where rusted and bent out of shape ... took them out, soaked them in wd40, bent them to get them straight again and then was able to finish the job ... well impressed - thanks to all for the pictures on the previous post.

BMW Coding ... BMW service advisor offered to do this (and had forgot about it) .. took them 15mins, but I'm a bit disappointed here - it's obviously reset everything, so the top doesn't work with the key anymore and the mirrors don't fold in when closing - so have to make a trip back again.

BMW Professional Radio ... original dealer gave me the wrong code ... back to the drawing board

Here's some pics...
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