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PTF goes to MIR 11-17

A few customers wanted to head out to the track for a private rental so that we could be the slowest cars out there. On these days running high 10s is "slow". We had a ZR1 and all motor Z06 out there relaxing in the mid to upper 9s, an SRT8 Jeep weighing in at 5400lbs running 9.68. And a handful of GTR's dipping in and out of the upper 9's and low 10s. Unfortunately the twin turbo 198mph viper didn't show up but we'll catch him next time.

None the less a local guy who gave me a call saying he was just about to get out of warranty and wanted to see what we could do had a GREAT day. His brother was visiting from out of town and they wanted to play. In April he came to MIR with Dinan Stage 2 and was running 12.9 I believe. Today his first runs were about 12.3 but the man is dedicated and literally his ET's got lower and his traps got higher EVERY run.

The car is a 135i with FBO except his center section of his exhaust is stock and he has the axle back AA mufflers. It has the stock suspension and stock wheels. The car was full weight and running on street tires (you can see he's running on the right lane which was designated for only street tires and the left lane for radials and slicks). The car was running a 40% blend of e85.

I will get videos up soon once he posts them but here is his slip.

11.76 @ 120.7
WITH ONLY A 1.94 60ft!! This car definately has lower ET's and possibly more trap in it. Not bad for a daily driver that he drove the way it was driven on a daily basis.

My favorite vehicle there was something that just blew my mind. The SRT8 Jeep was over 5400lbs when he got on the scale. Here is his run. Imagine if he could get the squat and suspension travel under control!

He has twin 6467's!!!

We also set some other records on other platforms. My good friend that I cam out with has a built Mazdaspeed6 and with some electrical gremlins haunting him he was able to bang out an 11.3 @ 126. Our other car was another friend of mine who I taught to tune forever ago and now he has set the stock turbo Mazdaspeed3 and Mazdaspeed6 record with a 12.26. Congrats!

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