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Originally Posted by Baracus135i View Post
So finally got round to changing my plugs this weekend, and good news the misfires are gone

Really though that after 3000 miles they would be fine, but had close look at the old plugs again and I could've of guessed it, seems BMW left one of the old plugs in, still had the Bosch logo in blue?? Which means it one of the original plugs, the logo on all the others was dark green
That's good to hear.....but a bad plug in one cylinder would not explain why you were getting misfires in both banks = cylinder 6 and cylinder 2

Two completely different banks.

Perhaps the other cylinder misfired as a domino effect of the DME cutting fuel to the first one?

In any case I hope you remain misfire free

Do us a favour and post up in a couple of days to verify whether this worked. Sometimes problems go away initially only to rear their ugly heads later.

Been there....done that.