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Originally Posted by CHECKERED View Post
go to the track and see what actually happens, it’s pointless to spend money on a ‘what if’

my suggested upgrade path is as follows:

1. Dedicated auto trans cooler, separate from the radiator.
2. Upgraded oil cooler.
3. Upgraded radiator
4. Secondary radiator and 850w fan (aka performance pack)

And yes, lower ambient temps will help, but you don't know what will happen unless you try. The car will go into limp mode to prevent any sort of catastrophic failures, so just go see what happens. If there is a problem. figure out the cause, and go from there.

I think a dedicated ATF cooler is a good idea regardless though. The cooler you keep the ATF, the longer it will last. If you do use a cooler, use a thermostat as well. Too cool is not good either.