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Originally Posted by Ilma View Post
I'll say!

Jake and Dzenno should get 50% commission from Cobb for every N54 tune Cobb sells.

These guys get amazing results from the OTS maps.
This was a street tune I did for a local guy. The OTS maps are alot of fun and the tuners at Cobb know their stuff. We couldn't do it without them. They are some of the best in the business.

Originally Posted by JStang View Post
Make my car do that!
I'll be in Florida (Tampa) from Dec 21 - 31 I would be more than happy to meet up.

Originally Posted by ragingpanda View Post
Very impressive, what was the DA?
When I woke up I checked the DA at 7am and it was -2600. I was so excited. By the time we got to the track it was closing in on 0. We stopped doing runs at 1:00 and it was still ha little below 0. One of the cars I came with was determined to set the record so I ended up being there as a cold front moved in. At about 3:00 it was -150 and at about 4:00 it was -1100!!!!! It was a great day for the track. My last time out when I ran 119 full weight in my coupe it was +2400 so this weather was welcome.

Jorge made his pass when the DA was a little below 0. I had hoped it would stay lower but the listing at the track kept getting higher. The app on my phone said it was a bit higher than what the track listed so who knows. I was just glad to see he had fun and that the car did multiple high 11 second passes with 1.94-2.04 60fts.