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Originally Posted by e92justin View Post
Is that yours?
my car's black , but virtually (got the car and enough cash to do it), whenever the oe engine is finished. it's at 160k now... could be next year, could be in 20 years. i guess we'll have to see. don't drive much anymore, will probably have to wait a while (even my lexus dd only gets about 1/2 tank of action every month). not going to pull out a perfectly fine engine. though what i really want is an f355 (great deal too, a nice used one is about the cost of a new 325i), just too cheap to throw it down.

usually, some online shopping and spec'ing things out in my head is enough to scratch the itch here.

your ride's fast, no doubt. i couldn't handle it though, would probably just give me headaches with the high maintenance required. a few years ago i bid about $6k on ebay for a maxed out fd rx7 (i lost), oh well.

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