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If its your first time tracking, I doubt you will work it hard enough to go into limp mode. ( i did my first track day in my e90, in 100+F and didnt overheat) Once you learn your car and can really push it though, there is a good chance you will overheat. I did some free "mods" that helped a bit, I removed all the lower grilles on my front bumper (allows more airflow) I also removed the plastic grille behind the oil cooler (again more airflow) and removed my cowl and rubber sealing strips from around my hood(you guessed it, more airlfow). Then between sessions drive the car normally around the pits to cool it down, park it and leave it running with the hood open for a few minutes. I rarely track my 335i now (bought a dedicated track car) but I tend to go out at least once a month now+autox. I will be more than happy to answer any questions. Just pm me