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Originally Posted by enron29 View Post
Another thing though. If she has moved out, and we finish the final walk through and she turns over the keys, how can we keep our home safe. Obviously we are changing the locks on the doors, but we know her kids go to school right by the house. And I would not put it past them to walk by the house and throw a rock at the window or something like that. Any ideas?
Nothing you can do about vandalism unless you want to go to the expense of video cameras etc. but be careful and make sure disclose them if you do (had a friend who got in a pissing match with a tenant over privacy issues and cameras).
I change the locks, garage opener codes etc. everytime someone moves out.
Did your rental agreement state they needed to professionally clean carpets and windows? Ours do and state they need to supply a professional receipt (IE not hand written).