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Originally Posted by 335xi_zer0 View Post
First off, thanks ahead of time for any and all help. I did search before and just wanted to clarify some things.

I saw a thread where "#5 had to be removed" for the FMIC to fit snugly. What is that part? I'm having touble having mine fit in well. This stems from the problem of the star bolt on the passenger side not lining up correctly.

As for fitment, the FMIC looks like it fits about 1/4" below the bumper. That is, before the plastic shield gets put back on. I saw someone's pictures of their install and looks about the same. Is that normal?

After putting the hoses on a couple times, I've noticed mine looks way too long and I already trimmed about 1/2" and it still is too long. Did anyone else trim the silicone hose on the driver side?

Thanks again guys!

OP, I received my IC this past Friday from Helix as a part of their Fall Group Buy.

Like you, my hose (elbow) seems to be longer too. I noticed it after installation. I think I will have to cut mine because the charge pipe that connects to the elbow is sitting about 1" 1/2 to 2" higher than the rubber gromet it is supposed to be resting on... It is bothering me because the charge pipe is not secured by the gromet and it rocks back and forth under load. I dont want it coming in contact with the pulley which is only few inches away.

My IC sits about 1/4" below the bumper as well. It does not sit flush against the radiator. A plastic fin on the bottom part of the bumper seems to be the culprit causing the IC to slightly tilt forward. This member had to do some minor grinding to get it to fit perfectly with no air gaps <>

As far as the star bolts are concerned, the one on the passenger side did not line up for me either. I used my jack to lift the IC to line up on the passenger side, put the star bolt and made couple of turns by hand and then alingned the driver side and bolted both of them.

I'm not happy with the way it is sitting right now so I might take the bumper off, grind the plastic fin and cut the extra length from the elbow hose.
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