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PSA: Fuel Injectors

All -

PSA = Public Service Announcement

I've gained an incredible amount of knowledge and value from being on this board, I finally may have a something of value to return to the greater good.

I have a 2009 335i (N54) E92 with 54K miles. About 2 months ago I noticed a rough idle at start, poor gas mileage and overall poor performance. The rough idle was intermittent so I was hesitant to take it to the dealership, especially if I couldn't recreate the issue. The "check engine" light finally went on and i promptly scheduled an appointment at the dealership. After a few hours i was called by by the SA and he told me I needed to have all my fuel injectors replaced. You can imagine my surprise and disgust. A 3500 dollar expense just after my factory warranty went out. I went to the dealership to discuss and first talked to the Shop Manager and I asked him how can this be. i've performed scheduled maintenance, i've ALWAYS put premium gas in the car. Im shocked and to be honest, pissed! He said that there have been SEVERAL issues with the injectors on the N54 engines. Apparently, the manufacturer of the injectors used suspect material which has caused them to leak, misfire and other issues. BMW has not recalled them because they do work and the problem isnt widespread but its significant. What metrics must be met to issue a recall??? Anyway, I then asked the Service manager (not shop manager) what can be done, how can this happen? etc. He said that since im within the TIME portion of the warranty, BMW will, on some occasions, fix the problem at no charge calling it a "Good Faith" deal or something. I didnt care what they called it, just that it got done. And alas, BMW covered all the work, and parts. I got brand new injectors, plugs and other goodies from this.

The car now runs incredible, like new even. responsive, and smooth. Im thrilled with the performance now and happy to have the car for several more years. (unless i pull the trigger on that M3 sooner).

Do with this information as you may. Just thought Id share. But if i were you, id get my injectors diagnosed or replaced.