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Originally Posted by Nati Beastcat View Post
Gonna start downloading games myself. Just didn't want to hook these old systems up any more. You play them for 10 min. and realize how far we've come and its just not as fun. Its like telling a kid to put his ipad down and to go have fun playing "Oregon trail" on Commodore 64.
it's probably only fun if you played it when it was new.

the only thing i really bought (for the emulation setup) was a $20 gamepad from gamestop. definitely worth it, and the analog stick is great for driving games and decent for fighting games. my hp pavilion has 4 usb ports, so with 4 gamepads you can easily play x-men arcade or wrestlefest.

another thing with those retro systems is that you don't know how much longer the hardware is good for. though neo geo is rereleasing a $200 handheld soon (also has a dock which looks like the original aes). i might get that.

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