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This is what I dont understand about dealers in that they can pull a figure out of the air and expect people to pay up . I would be asking for the parts breakdown/labour charge breakdown before I even go ahead

Suspension strut - 100 for the part plus an hour at the most for labour (taking into account siezed bolts etc)

Front Brake pads - 61
Rear brake pads - 58
Brake pad sensor front and rear - 30

Front discs - 110 for a pair
Rear discs - 94 for a pair

Total - 353 minus 30% discount they are offering at the moment = 247.10

To change pads and discs x4 should not take more than 2 hourslabour for a competant mechanic

(brake pads/discs are easy money for some dealers bare in mind, check OBC to see wear rate and get the torch out and have a examine of the pads and discs)

Above prices are based on Euro car parts prices for oem parts/ bare in mind also dealers will bump up the price on parts as well

This is how I would see it if i was taking it into my indi-
dealer charges 110 per hour labour
My local indi charges 55 per hour

247.10 (if brakes needed doing) + 100 (strut) + 3 hours labour + 40 price of MOT= 552.10

552.10 compared to circa 1500