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Originally Posted by nealer74 View Post
LOL ... before I read this I've been searching for a CF or BM Performance diffuser ...

SA320 - I wonder if we could get MStlye to give us a discount if we both bought one (
Hi mate, I don't actually like the one in the link. Prefer the BMW performance diffuser but too bloody pricey! Need our friends in Taiwan to knock something up for us!

Originally Posted by AdamC View Post
Great looking car. Love the exhaust, makes a big difference.
Thanks mate

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Suraj, it sounds brilliant and looks a lot better.
Is it only me or somebody else spotted it as well?

Lateral / Outer pipe is longer than medial / inner and it should be opposite. Or am I wrong?
Thank you Sameer. Hmm.. Not sure but love the way it looks so not concerned! Almost think it would look weird the other way round. Plus.. If it is wrong, mines unique Hope you're well mate!

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Have you seen BMW performance diffuser?
That looks way better than CF one.
Agree! Link above.