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Originally Posted by nicktyler View Post
Do you have to declare for insurance that you have been on one of the courses? This sees to have caused a split of opinion elsewhere on the net but perhaps one of our resident law enforcers can shed some light on it. If so I bet it would affect your premium the same as points anyway.

Any advice? I'm leaning towards the course if you don't have to disclose and points if you do.
Don't tell me it was A13?
Sorry to hear that, but as suggested earlier go for the course.

Originally Posted by Desmondo View Post
I had similar recently, caught doing a heady 35 in a 30 in the arse-end of nowhere. After thinking about it I opted for the course to help with future insurance only to see the news linked to above from a couple of days ago. I'll be pretty pissed off if I get stitched up on insurance trying to do the right thing and going on a course that is supposed to help improve your driving. What's the point? Might as well have just taken the points and fine.
If you go for the course, your license is clean.
Some insurance companies may charges you higher premiums but not all of them.
Also, opting for course helps you to avoid tooting up the points.