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Originally Posted by avenger2540
Hey guys,I have install my kw v1,and I have this clunking noise when I turn the wheel either side,now I notice something today when I lift the car to check the noise,I notice that on the pass side when I have the car on the lift am able to move the spring with the strut mount altogether,but on the driver side it wont move,but when I move the entire wheel on the driver side the strut mount with the spring move find together with the strut,but on the pass side wants to skip when I move the wheel causing the clunking noise,so my question is,the pass strut mount is not good or what,please let me know if I need new strut mount (guide support),and if any body experience some like this,and let me know if you guys understand what am saying,if not I will make a video so u guys can see what am saying, in ,I know someone say on another tread,that something the nut is not tie right,but I check and is right,and if I tie the strut nut like really tie,then the clunking noise get worse because when I tie the strut nut really hard,and I lift the car the strut mount and the spring wont move,but it will skip more,so I dont know I may do a video late today and post it in here,but if someone is experience this and find a solution please let me know,another thing,I replace the lower control arms,and I didn't have much of a clunking noise,maybe once in a while,but now after I put the lower control arms in both side is much worse,and is only on the pass side,before when I have the clunking noise once in a while it was on the pass side also,well on the pass side all the way,thanks in advance.

Note:how can I tell if my strut mounts are gone,like if I pull pull the coilovers out how can I tell?
Yes it's your upper mounts I had same problem with mine. Once you change the upper mounts slowly lower the car down so it's sits properly on the upper mounts.
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