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Originally Posted by lthai View Post
The reason why they are forgotten and we don't see them as much on the road is because the majority of BMW owners today consider a BMW as nothing more than a status symbol. I'll bet you 90% of the time when a person purchases a BMW, the only thing they think about is status. They don't care about performance numbers or the driving dynamics, they just want to tell the world that they are successful and have money. And obviously to show the world that you are rich and successful, you have to have a new shiny car.
It's strange really, buying a BMW as a symbol of wealth and status? I paid less than 30K for my BMW used, but I could go out and buy a decked out Ford Pickup and easily spend 50k on it.

Then again I'm neither a baller or shot caller, nor do I have 20 inch blades on my Impala.


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